I Couldnt Help Myself

Why yes! I own yet another pair of vibram five fingers. This time I went with the Bikila LS. Getting them on my feet was a bit of a workout, but I got it together rather quickly.


Tomorrow I will put them through the paces during my 4 mile group run. Then if all goes well, I will wear them during my 10k run on Sunday. Either way, I’ll keep you posted.



So I’ve been making a conscientious effort to try to pre hydrate for Sunday’s 10k.  Man, running to the bathroom is like warming up for a race.  I have never went to to the bathroom so much before. Not even when I was pregnant.

This leads me to believe that I may have been suffering from dehydration.  Ever since I started drinking water, I mean focusing on consuming water, I’ve been feeling better.  Im more alert, and clearly I have energy, otherwise, I wouldn’t be making it to the bathroom as frequent as Im going. 

Today, Ive drank `70 ozs more or less. Not to mention the coffee, and the green monsta I had today.  I’m not finished either.  Yesterday, I cut myself off around 6pm, and still had to run to the bathroom twice within the night.  Hopefully my body will get used to this.

I’m interested in seeing, if water will continue to help me feel better.  It’s definitely a thought Im willing to entertain.

Ok so I just wanted to check in really fast.  No working out as of yesterday, and I’m not sure if I will get it in today.  I should, but Im not sure I will.




Burned Out

Running and I, are having an extremely volatile relationship right now. We are not doing right by each other. Running is starting to feel like a chore. Sure, I drag myself out to do it, but Im not giving it my all. My mile trick doesnt even seem to help. I can run 6 long, torturous miles, and still not feel warmed up.

Im not happy. My 10k is paid for. I would like to finish in an 1 hr 15 mins. As of late, Im lucky if Ican squeak by at 1 hr 30 mins. Im still running intervals. All of a sudden 3/1 is too much for me. Hell, today I couldnt make it through 2/1 intervals. No bueno.

Im beating myself up, but I dont know what to do! Ive tried various fueling techniques. Im trying to stay hydrated. I even bought new sneakers. All that has bought me is knee pain in my left knee, and mediocre mileage. 18.65 miles is what Ive accomplished this week. Every last one of them was hard. I couldnt focus! I wasnt there. I wanted it to be over before I started. Im burned out. I didnt see this coming.

I need fun and variety in my routine. Yesterday sfter running, I went on a 3.5 mile bike ride. It was glorious, and it felt good to be moving along. Today, after running, I broke out the rollerblades. The time I spent blading was minimal, but it was fun! All my limbs are still intact.

Right now, my plan is to get through my 10k next week, and then re-evaluate my goals. I want to complete a half marathon, but I may need to push it further out. I do know that I want to get in some form of activity EVERY day. Variety. I want to utilize my bells, my bike, and my blades, in addition to my legs. I also want to try to incorporate some body weight exercises. I want to be fit, and healthy. So help me God!

I want to get past this slump.

Run Like Hell-th 5K

Omg, of all days to be moving slow, and just not in a running mood, it would happen yesterday. Despite many previous runs where I’ve experienced constant running, faster paces, and just plain on enjoyment, yesterday was NOT that day. Neither was Saturday, if I want to be honest with myself.

Hmnnnnnnnnnnnn, can’t say for sure why yesterday run sucked the way it did. Could be the fact that I had to pee, and ran(if you can call it that) the entire race having to do so. I mean, I warmed up by running to the event, and even that was a hardship. By the time I reached the start, I had ran 3 miles. I should’ve been properly warmed up, but I guess not.

I also had way more gear then Im used to carrying on my person. Running to the event meant, running with my camera attached to my waist. Um, no THANK YOU, never again.

I’ve also bought back the kettlebell full swing. I purchased a 10lb and a 20lb to add to my collection, and I’ve been putting them to use. I love how they are making me feel. I have muscles trying to pop, and overall Im feeling stronger. However, Im also FEELING it! I hope in time, and with more consistent workouts, my body will settle into things. I cant have tree trunks for legs when Im trying to run. Lol.

With that said and done, it was a VERY nice race. Especially so, considering it was the 2nd annual of it’s kind. The swag bag was decent too, for it to be a $20 5k. I finished in about 48 minutes. Worst time EVER! So not a PR, but I did have fun!

All in all, I got in 6.5 miles yesterday. I’ll take it. However I’m still missing my long run, and with this being a holiday week, I need to get my plan into gear.

Here are my thoughts:
3 runs this week : 2 short at 12 min mph/1 long slow for 11 miles
3 Kettlebell workouts

Clean Eating!

Water Consumption!

I have Friday off of work, and if things go my way, I will be leaving the house, completing my long run, and then immediately going to the spa. I would love to treat myself to a body massage, and a body scrub. Spending time in the sauna’s can’t hurt either.

What are your fitness goals?


Didn’t mean to go missing like that. Work has gotten really busy these past 2 weeks, and along with day light savings time, I’m a walking zombie. I’m finding it so hard to wake up in the morning and get my run on. However, half marathon training is still in full effect. I make it a point to get my long runs in on Sundays.

Today I will be running a total of 11 miles. I should be excited, but I’m not because I know I can do it. I’m running a 5k today, and to make it to 11 I will be running to the race, running the race, running home from the race, and adding an additonal 2 miles somewhere along the way.

So, I will be back later tonight, with set the stage Sunday, and we can start fresh from today. In the meanwhile have a look at a challenge I found on

I plan on trying this ya’ll. Variety is the spice of life, and my goals these days are just to keep moving. So pardon me, if I seem all over the place. That’s a good thing!

Talk to you later.

Sunday’s Long Run

Was not 1 that I’d soon to forget. If you recall, I had 8 miles on the schedule. If you recall, I felt like death warmed over after running 7 miles the week before. Yet, on this particular Sunday, I ran 11 miles!!!!!

Allow me to document. I had already known the day was promised to be a beautiful one. I was excited to run, and I knew I would have company. I pre-fueled with a butter roll, and a large travel sized mug of coffee. While at the store, I also purchased a lemon gatorade, and 2 bottles of chinese ginseng.

I had figured (2) 4 mile loops, with a pit stop at the car for some gatorade replenishment. I figured I would experiment with the ginseng for any necessary energy boosts, I may need. Anyway, I went to pick up Leah, who is a new fearless wogger. I call her fearless, because despite being new to the sport, she willingly agrees to come out with me for these long runs. I mean, Im trainng for a half mary, and she’s training for her 1st 5k, yet she still wants to train with me. Oh, and Im her ride, so she cant leave until Im ready. Crazy, right?

So, I pick crazy, I mean Leah up, and she goes, its so beautiful, lets go for 10! I’m like 10 what? I figured she meant 10/1 intervals, but no, she meant 10 miles. All, I could do was shake my head and say, we’ll see!

So we run about 2.25 miles, and Im surprising myself, because Im seriously running with no walking breaks, and I see a little path, where we would normally turn around. To my surprise, the boardwalk continued on. So I ran, and, ran, and ran.

By mile 3, I drank 1 of the ginseng’s, and it was as if someone lit a rocket under my ass. I ran and ran, and ran some more. We finally made it back to the car after 6.5 miles. I guzzled water, and gatorade, did a few stretches, and took off to finish my 8. In the back of my mind, I knew 10 was within reach. I felt that good.

Next thing I knew, we had travelled 8 miles. I urge Leah to continue straight. I thought I would stop and drink my other ginseng, but I lost the straw somewhere along the way. I picked my feet up, and ran on!

Before you know it, we are at our original turn around point. We make a quick water stop, and then instead of going left like I wanted to, Leah insists we go right. Going left would’ve took us n the direction we came from, and should’ve been 10 miles, if not a little over.

Going right, took us an entire mile out of our way. By the time we made it back to the car, we had run 11 miles. I seriously could not believe it! Who am I?

It was a wonderful feeling, and it solidified any thoughts or concerns I may have had about running this half mary. However, I must mention, it wasnt easy. After 9 miles, by body started to protest. I got a side stitch. That has never happened. I really felt each and every rock my foot came across. Usually my feet arent so sensitive.

Walking breaks was simply not an option. Each time, I attempted to stop, I could barely walk. Ironically, it was easiest to just run. Who would’ve thought? All parts of my body was sore. Upper and lower. I would swear my butt started to chaffe too. But, I made it. I did it! I accomplished and surpassed my goal. I was too damn proud!

Upon returning home, mommy duty was in full effect. My son wanted to ride his bike. I wanted to just keep moving so my body wouldnt stiffen up too much. I made a quick dinner, and off we went. My son on his bike. My daughter in her stroller, and me behind her, pushing her along. We walked while my son rode, to one of our favorite parks which is 1.5 miles away. I figured 3 extra miles of walking couldnt hurt. Boy, was I wrong.

The next day, I could not get out of bed. I literally hobbled to the shower, and threw the water on full blast, ICE cold. I forced my body under, and I stayed there frozen. I didnt come out until
I was shivering. I grabbed my rolling pin from my cabinet and repurposed it into a muscle massager.

I hobbled along everywhere yesterday. I took many breaks to roll my muscles. I made sure to take a short run during lunch, just to aid recovery. Today, I feel brand new. Recovery wasnt so bad! Dare I say, I would do it again? Why, yes I would!

Many thanks to Leah for wogging along behind me. She really pushes herself, to try to keep up with me. She inspires me! Side note: why, while I was hobbling, she went and wogged 4 miles yesterday? See, I tokd you, CRAZY!!

Set the Stage 11/52

The clocks sprung forward this morning, and thus I lost a hour. The only good thing I can see so far, is that I should actually see daylight when I try to rise early. We shall see.

Here are my goals for the week:

Sun – 8 miles 4/1
Mon – Walk and Kettlebell Tabata
Tue – 4 miles 4/1
Wed – Bike Ride and Kettlebell Tabata
Thur – 4 miles 4/1
Fri – Elliptical or Treadmill Speed Workout and Kettlebell Tabata
Sat – 4 mile 4/1 group run

I also need to track at least 3xs this week. Focus on my fluids, yet make sure Im not drinking my calories. I also would like to make sure Im eating enough lean protein.

What are your goals for the week?

Week In Review 10/52

My accomplishments this past week has been inconsistent to say the least.

Sun – 7 miles 3/1 – Accomplished

Mon – Active Rest Kettlebells – Only managed to rest.

Tues – 4 miles 4/1 – Accomplished

Wed – Cross Training & Kettlebells – Rest

Thur – 4 miles 4/1 – Rest, but I did take a walk during my lunch hour.

Fri – Cross Training & Kettlebells – Rest again.

Sat – 4 miles 4/1 group run – Accomplished but focused on steady running and running a steady pace.

I need to shake some things up for next week.


According to dictionary.com, endurance is the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions; stamina.

I find endurance to be one sneaky mofo. First I started off with none, or very little. Next thing you know I’m pushing myself, and not stopping when tired, but stopping when finished.

Today, I woke up at 6:30 am because I had to move my car by 7:30 am or risk getting a street sweeping ticket. I figured I could avoid that by driving to the park, and getting my run on. By the time I returned, there should be plenty of parking, as many people would’ve left for work by then.

So I took my tired ole self to the park, and set my Nike gps for 4 miles. Today I was going to start running 4 minutes and walking 1 minute intervals.

Just like that I had endurance. Despite my 7 miler on Sunday, my legs were fresh and wanted to run. Despite the cold and the little bit of wind, my body was invigorated and wanted to run. I crushed through the 4 minute time period with almost no effort at all. Endurance.

I walked when the time came, but I was ready to RUN when the time came as well. Endurance. I love it! And, I believe Im getting faster. Can’t really tell for sure, because I had to stop a few times to make a phone call, and then I had to stop to put together said phone, because it fell, and conked out. Oops. Lol. But my timing was good (to me), and I was able to crank out 4 miles.

I forget how good it feels to run, and get it out of the way BEFORE work. Of course, now Im sleepy, but at least I don’t have to fight myself about going or rather, missing a run.

Endurance. I love you!

I did it!


7 miles yesterday. Longest wog to date. I started the day with a cup of joe, and a bagel with cream cheese and jelly. By mile 4, it was as if I hadnt eaten anything. I felt my energy deplete. I consumed 1/2 box of a small box of raisins and kept trucking. At mile 5, I consumed the remaining raisins. Although, I felt some pep in my step, Im pretty sure it wasnt enough. At mile 6, I felt kind of dizzy. I kept trucking on. Walked longer then a minute when I had to, but kept moving. I was close, I just needed to get there. I stopped my Nike+ app at 7.19 miles. I walked the rest of the way to my car.

My heart rate monitor said I burned a whopping 1058 calories. I am flabbergasted at that amount. Its not hard to understand, how I felt like crap aferwards.

I stretched, and then hit the road. I refueled with gatorade and a pickle. I felt better pretty soon there after. Next, Sunday I have 8 miles planned. I will prob fuel the same way, but have the gatorade and pickle waiting for me in the car. Then I’ll just run (2) 4 mile loops, making a pit stop at the car half way.