Week In Review 10/52

My accomplishments this past week has been inconsistent to say the least.

Sun – 7 miles 3/1 – Accomplished

Mon – Active Rest Kettlebells – Only managed to rest.

Tues – 4 miles 4/1 – Accomplished

Wed – Cross Training & Kettlebells – Rest

Thur – 4 miles 4/1 – Rest, but I did take a walk during my lunch hour.

Fri – Cross Training & Kettlebells – Rest again.

Sat – 4 miles 4/1 group run – Accomplished but focused on steady running and running a steady pace.

I need to shake some things up for next week.



According to dictionary.com, endurance is the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions; stamina.

I find endurance to be one sneaky mofo. First I started off with none, or very little. Next thing you know I’m pushing myself, and not stopping when tired, but stopping when finished.

Today, I woke up at 6:30 am because I had to move my car by 7:30 am or risk getting a street sweeping ticket. I figured I could avoid that by driving to the park, and getting my run on. By the time I returned, there should be plenty of parking, as many people would’ve left for work by then.

So I took my tired ole self to the park, and set my Nike gps for 4 miles. Today I was going to start running 4 minutes and walking 1 minute intervals.

Just like that I had endurance. Despite my 7 miler on Sunday, my legs were fresh and wanted to run. Despite the cold and the little bit of wind, my body was invigorated and wanted to run. I crushed through the 4 minute time period with almost no effort at all. Endurance.

I walked when the time came, but I was ready to RUN when the time came as well. Endurance. I love it! And, I believe Im getting faster. Can’t really tell for sure, because I had to stop a few times to make a phone call, and then I had to stop to put together said phone, because it fell, and conked out. Oops. Lol. But my timing was good (to me), and I was able to crank out 4 miles.

I forget how good it feels to run, and get it out of the way BEFORE work. Of course, now Im sleepy, but at least I don’t have to fight myself about going or rather, missing a run.

Endurance. I love you!

I did it!


7 miles yesterday. Longest wog to date. I started the day with a cup of joe, and a bagel with cream cheese and jelly. By mile 4, it was as if I hadnt eaten anything. I felt my energy deplete. I consumed 1/2 box of a small box of raisins and kept trucking. At mile 5, I consumed the remaining raisins. Although, I felt some pep in my step, Im pretty sure it wasnt enough. At mile 6, I felt kind of dizzy. I kept trucking on. Walked longer then a minute when I had to, but kept moving. I was close, I just needed to get there. I stopped my Nike+ app at 7.19 miles. I walked the rest of the way to my car.

My heart rate monitor said I burned a whopping 1058 calories. I am flabbergasted at that amount. Its not hard to understand, how I felt like crap aferwards.

I stretched, and then hit the road. I refueled with gatorade and a pickle. I felt better pretty soon there after. Next, Sunday I have 8 miles planned. I will prob fuel the same way, but have the gatorade and pickle waiting for me in the car. Then I’ll just run (2) 4 mile loops, making a pit stop at the car half way.

Set the Stage 10/52

This is ambitious, but I think I can manage it. My goal is to JUST KEEP MOVING!

Sun – 7 miles 3/1
Mon – Active Rest Kettlebells
Tues – 4 miles 4/1
Wed – Cross Training & Kettlebells
Thur – 4 miles 4/1
Fri – Cross Training & Kettlebells
Sat – 4 miles 4/1 group run

Week in Review 9/52

Sun – 6 miles (my longest run!) – Knocked this out the box.

Mon – I would love to do zumba if I can make it! Depends how work goes. Or Xtraining
Ended up Resting.

Tue – 4 miles – 2 miles on the treadmill, 1 mile walk outside.

Wed – Kettlebell Swing Progression Workout(post coming soon) – Yup as previously posted.

Thur – Rest or Xtraining – Rest

Fri – Kettlebell – 6 miles cycling on the recumbent bike.

Sat – 4 miles – Rest

Im not happy with the amount of running I did this week. If I plan on making it through a half marathon, I need to get my Agame on. I am pleased with the cross training I accomplished, and look forward to more!

Yoga Skirt from a T-Shirt – DIY

Leave it to me, to find a way to do something crafty to benefit my running. Here is my running skirts, at least for the time being.


I used a size 2x tshirt to create these. I kept the original hem intact, and just cut everything else to my measurements. The waistband is yoga style, and can be worn fully extended, or folded down in half. These skirts will always be worn over tights.

I reconstructed the gray shirt first. My waistband was a good 6″ smaller then the skirt prtion, so I needed to get creative. I did the best I could, but still ended up with some wonkiness. By the time, I started the blue skirt, I knew what needed to be done.

Yes, my blue skirt is a bit tighter then the gray skirt, but I can still move in it. I plan on testing 1 of these tomorrow during my long run. After this the sky is the limit. I know I need at least a pink one in my life.

So there you have it! I had a good time using my sewing machine, and plan on putting it to good use more often.

Apple Martini Anyone?

Quick Drive By Post Alert

The Apple Ecstasy tastes just like an Apple Martini sans the vodka. That's a good thing! However, I still wouldn't buy a full 2lb tub.

Some random thoughts:

The Chobani Blood Orange is soooooooooooooooooooooooo tasty.

I've restarted eating Overnight Oats again. I've missed them.

Spring ahead is in a few weeks. I'm afraid Im not going to be able to cope.

I can barely cope with more sleep with Fall Behind.

I haven't been up in the morning to run during the week, in a few weeks now. This makes me feel bad.

I really did not want to go to the gym during lunch time today.

I got up off my lazy ass and went to the gym during lunch time today.

6 miles on the recumbent bike in 30 mins. 463 calories burned. Amount burned included walk to and from the gym.

Im looking forward to my runs this weekend.

I hope to swing my Kbell tonight.

I feel like pulling out my sewing machine and creating.

That is all.

Have a nice weekend!