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So I’ve been making a conscientious effort to try to pre hydrate for Sunday’s 10k.  Man, running to the bathroom is like warming up for a race.  I have never went to to the bathroom so much before. Not even when I was pregnant.

This leads me to believe that I may have been suffering from dehydration.  Ever since I started drinking water, I mean focusing on consuming water, I’ve been feeling better.  Im more alert, and clearly I have energy, otherwise, I wouldn’t be making it to the bathroom as frequent as Im going. 

Today, Ive drank `70 ozs more or less. Not to mention the coffee, and the green monsta I had today.  I’m not finished either.  Yesterday, I cut myself off around 6pm, and still had to run to the bathroom twice within the night.  Hopefully my body will get used to this.

I’m interested in seeing, if water will continue to help me feel better.  It’s definitely a thought Im willing to entertain.

Ok so I just wanted to check in really fast.  No working out as of yesterday, and I’m not sure if I will get it in today.  I should, but Im not sure I will.





Week In Review 8/52

The weeks are going by pretty damn quickly. To follow is my re-cap.

Sun – 5 miles – done 5+

Mon – Cross Training – done Zumba

Tue- Kettlebell’s – Negative

Wed – 3 miles – Hills – Negative – Kettlebell workout

Thur – Cross Training – Negative

Fri – 3 miles/ Kettlebell’s – Half-assed kettlebell. Running – Negative

Sat – 3ish miles – done 3+

All runs will be 3/1 intervals!

Continue drinking water – Sort of
More Protein consumption, less junk, empty calories.
Salads at lunch. – 1 salad, but I ate pretty decent.

Stick to 1 kettle bell routine, until I master it! – Not so sure Im going to be able to do this. I get bored too easily.

Week in Review 7/52

Oh my, this wa a rough week for me! Read below to see what was planned, versus what was done.

Sunday – Long Run – 5 miles – 2/1 intervals – Mission accomplished! It was very cold. I had to play mind games with myself to make it through this run. The wind was no joke! I was not the only nut out there running against th wind. I felt so accomplished when I was finished.

Later that night, why does my throat feel like this? Alka Seltzer Plus Cold Night time version to my rescue!

Monday – Kettle Bell Workout – 20 mins – Nope. Woke up feeling odd! Took the day off just to be sure. Later that day, why is there a golf ball in my mouth? I cant swallow, I cant eat, I can barely move. I slept for much of Monday, only taking time to cry out in pain and pee. Eating and drinking wasnt on my agenda.

Tue – Cardio Cross Train – Bike/Eliptical/Rower – 60 mins – Nope. Off of work again. I can barely function. The golf ball is still in my mouth, and I really think I should go to the hospital and get an IV, but I just cant. No energy. Later that day, Ive forced myself to eat and drink, and I feel a little better.

Wed – Hill Repeats – 2.5 miles – 3/1 intervals – Nope. I feel well enough to shower and so Im gong to wrk. Gee, the amount of work that awaited me. After commuting to work, I started feeling dizzy, and didnt accomplish much work.

Thur – Kettle Bell Workout – 20 mins – Nope. Threw myself into work today. Im 85% better.

Fri – Easy – 3 miles – 3/1 intervals – Nope. Found out last night, there is no work Monday. Normally I would be happy, but Ive already missed 2 days this week. i have a back log of work that MUST be finished by day’s end. Later that day:! Desk is cleared, and I can enjoy Monday with a good conscious!

Sat – Easy Run w/BGR and Zumba or cross training as above – run/walk 3.4 miles with some BGR. No real intervals. Once I got in my groove, I zoned out, and just kept running. It was nice! Had a really nice stretching session afterwards, with my new friend, whose a yoga teacher! Awesome!

Drink more water. Yes and No. Yes, when I was well enough to care. No, when I wasnt. Continue to experiment with the chia fresca! – Not this week!

Eating – Back to clean eating at lunch time. Salads! – I enjoyed 1 salad this week, and dont really remember what I ate on other days.

So I missed 1 run this week, and there has been no cross training. I will address this in days to come.


Week In Review 6/52

* Walk 2.5 consecutive miles. – Nope didn’t happen.

* Gym 2xs this week! Im thinking cardio cross training – 60 minutes cardio, and yoga! Spread across 2 visits. – Nope

* Run/walk intervals 2/1 for 10.5 miles – Yes and no. I ran 7.5 miles this week. I really need to remember the week starts on Sunday. However, all my scheduled runs were ran!

* 2 kettlebell workouts. Try to get through at least 2 sets of the routine I posted last week or similar. I want to remember to put on heart rate monitor too. – I swung my bell for maybe 4 minutes and just felt out of it. Im going to work on incorporating this more into my workout. Consistently.

* Drink more water. Perhaps, I will try drinking a full glass upon wakng every morning. – I think I did but I haven’t really kept track. Im experimenting with adding chia to my morning glass, and squirts of lime throughout the day.

* Clean eating, which in itself is going to be challenging, because my money is funny this week. It costs so much more to eat clean! And, no Im not complaining, Im just saying. – This is a huge negative.

* Stretch more! Utilize my stretch wrap(post coming soon) – Definitely. I went from no stretching, to really trying to stretch my limbs after I run. With this cold weather I think this is key, to a good recovery.

Stay tuned for Set the Stage Week 7!


Wam Bam Thank Ma’m

Wam Bam Thank Ma’m

That would be what I said after I completed this Kettle Bell workout(you tube – click link above).  Let’s be clear, it’s suggested that you perform 2-3 sets of these exercises.  I was only able to complete 1 set! It took me 10 active minutes, and I felt like I was toast.  Matter fact, I couldn’t even complete the last exercise, and Im pretty used to working out with weights!

Kettle bells are a whole new ball game, and I love it! Here’s what I did:

2 arm swing x20

Windmills x20

Figure 8s x2o

1 arm swing x20

Figure 8s x20

Squat & Press x13 (right side only)

My muscles were shaking at this point, and I called it quits.  70 calories burned, for 10 minutes of my time.  Yes, I broke out the heart monitor.


So I Broke My Streak

yesterday to be exact.  For starters, I went to bed later then usual the night before.  When I woke up  yesterday, I felt like an old women.  All my bones and joints were hurting.  I decided to take it easy.  I was going to try to sneak in a run after work, but lo and behold it was raining cats and dogs.

With that said, my streak was broken, and I gave my body a rest day.

However, I was up and at em this morning and I went for a run for about 1.32 miles.  It was nice.  Straight running.  I run slooooooooooooooow, but I need to get consistent with just running, not so many walking breaks.  I wanna be in it to win it.  So, Im slowly building up my mileage.

Ive entered a challenge with BGR North Jersey.  We are doing a 40 mile til the end of year challenge.  I think I can do it!  Maybe not, if Im focusing on straight running, but we shall see!  Im sure run/walk intervals haven’t seen the last of me!  I need to keep my body guessing.

My Raveler’s Nike + group is doing a Final Push 45 mile challenge from Dec 1st until Dec 31st.  Not so sure I can meet that challenge either, but I’m always up for a challenge.

In other fitness news, NYSC Bayonne is opening tomorrow.  Im stoked.  Maybe I will finally learn how to swim.  They have some 5:15 am cycling classes.  Im REALLY interested in those, but not so interested in the timing.  We shall see.  Perhaps, I can go once or twice a week, and let that be my cross training.

I know I definitely need to get back in with the weights.  Years ago when I lost all that weight, I lifted often and I lifted heavy.  My body took on a whole new shape so to speak. I was looking good!  So that’s something else that is in the front of my mind.  Either way I just want to have fun getting fit!



What Was I Thinking

Last week after reading a comment from The World of Clu, I was inspired.

If you scroll down and read through my comments, you will see where she says her running is still in its infancy, and within the same comment she mentioned her races. Thus the inspiration.

It was after reading that comment, when I realized I have officially been running for close to 6 months. Yea, I started with the couch to 5k, and although I haven’t graduated, I’ve pushed myself to wog that 5k distance (regardless of time). What was I waiting for as far as a race is concerned? Beats me!

So, I did it. I’ve signed up for my 1st 5k. It’s going to be Sunday, November 13th and I am beyond excited. So excited, that I’ve forgotten to train. Or rather, I have chose NOT TO!

Now, I am honestly having 2nd thoughts. Ive been wogging twice within 3 weeks. My life is in chaos, as Im moving AGAIN! Yet, I went and signed up for a 5k! Im tempted to not even do it, but a part of me says, you have 2 weeks left to train, go ahead give your training a chance, and give the race a chance.

So I just wanted to put it out there, that from this point on I will give my training a chance,(dont know about the race), but for the next 2 weeks, I will do what I have to do! At, the very least I would have increased the time I have spent exercising.

Everyone, pray for me! Please and Thank You!