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Run Like Hell-th 5K

Omg, of all days to be moving slow, and just not in a running mood, it would happen yesterday. Despite many previous runs where I’ve experienced constant running, faster paces, and just plain on enjoyment, yesterday was NOT that day. Neither was Saturday, if I want to be honest with myself.

Hmnnnnnnnnnnnn, can’t say for sure why yesterday run sucked the way it did. Could be the fact that I had to pee, and ran(if you can call it that) the entire race having to do so. I mean, I warmed up by running to the event, and even that was a hardship. By the time I reached the start, I had ran 3 miles. I should’ve been properly warmed up, but I guess not.

I also had way more gear then Im used to carrying on my person. Running to the event meant, running with my camera attached to my waist. Um, no THANK YOU, never again.

I’ve also bought back the kettlebell full swing. I purchased a 10lb and a 20lb to add to my collection, and I’ve been putting them to use. I love how they are making me feel. I have muscles trying to pop, and overall Im feeling stronger. However, Im also FEELING it! I hope in time, and with more consistent workouts, my body will settle into things. I cant have tree trunks for legs when Im trying to run. Lol.

With that said and done, it was a VERY nice race. Especially so, considering it was the 2nd annual of it’s kind. The swag bag was decent too, for it to be a $20 5k. I finished in about 48 minutes. Worst time EVER! So not a PR, but I did have fun!

All in all, I got in 6.5 miles yesterday. I’ll take it. However I’m still missing my long run, and with this being a holiday week, I need to get my plan into gear.

Here are my thoughts:
3 runs this week : 2 short at 12 min mph/1 long slow for 11 miles
3 Kettlebell workouts

Clean Eating!

Water Consumption!

I have Friday off of work, and if things go my way, I will be leaving the house, completing my long run, and then immediately going to the spa. I would love to treat myself to a body massage, and a body scrub. Spending time in the sauna’s can’t hurt either.

What are your fitness goals?


Set the Stage 11/52

The clocks sprung forward this morning, and thus I lost a hour. The only good thing I can see so far, is that I should actually see daylight when I try to rise early. We shall see.

Here are my goals for the week:

Sun – 8 miles 4/1
Mon – Walk and Kettlebell Tabata
Tue – 4 miles 4/1
Wed – Bike Ride and Kettlebell Tabata
Thur – 4 miles 4/1
Fri – Elliptical or Treadmill Speed Workout and Kettlebell Tabata
Sat – 4 mile 4/1 group run

I also need to track at least 3xs this week. Focus on my fluids, yet make sure Im not drinking my calories. I also would like to make sure Im eating enough lean protein.

What are your goals for the week?

Set the Stage 10/52

This is ambitious, but I think I can manage it. My goal is to JUST KEEP MOVING!

Sun – 7 miles 3/1
Mon – Active Rest Kettlebells
Tues – 4 miles 4/1
Wed – Cross Training & Kettlebells
Thur – 4 miles 4/1
Fri – Cross Training & Kettlebells
Sat – 4 miles 4/1 group run

Week in Review 9/52

Sun – 6 miles (my longest run!) – Knocked this out the box.

Mon – I would love to do zumba if I can make it! Depends how work goes. Or Xtraining
Ended up Resting.

Tue – 4 miles – 2 miles on the treadmill, 1 mile walk outside.

Wed – Kettlebell Swing Progression Workout(post coming soon) – Yup as previously posted.

Thur – Rest or Xtraining – Rest

Fri – Kettlebell – 6 miles cycling on the recumbent bike.

Sat – 4 miles – Rest

Im not happy with the amount of running I did this week. If I plan on making it through a half marathon, I need to get my Agame on. I am pleased with the cross training I accomplished, and look forward to more!

All About The Kettlebell

Well, as predicted I didnt make zumba class. Rather, then do nothing, I decided to swing the kettlebell bit. Speaking of which, I have a new kettlebell swinging idol.

Tracy Refikind, a blog that came highly recommended to me. She’s lost over 100lbs, and kettlebells played a part in the fitness portion of her weghtloss.

I read through her blog over the weekend, and I was inspired to do a drill of my own.

Tonight, I spent 10 mins doing the following routine:

Kettlebell Swings 10 reps
Alternating Kettlebell Swings 15 reps but performed in sets as follow:
1 rep
2 reps
3 reps
4 reps
5 reps

Repeat entire sequence 5 times.

125 reps
71 calories burned
10 mins invested.

Short spells like this, makes me wonder how I could ever not want to work out? Every little bit
counts! I look forward to spending more time with my kettlebell!

Enjoy your night!

Set The Stage 9/52

Im anxious to see all that I can accomplish this week. I transferred my Planet Fitness from near my home to a location closer to work. Im hoping this will make cross training easier. Not to mention, an opportunity to relieve some stress during the day.

Sun – 6 miles (my longest run!)
Mon – I would love to do zumba if I can make it! Depends how work goes. Or Xtraining
Tue – 4 miles
Wed – Kettlebell Swing Progression Workout(post coming soon)
Thur – Rest or Xtraining
Fri – Kettlebell
Sat – 4 miles

All runs will be 3/1 intervals.

Track food intake.

Consume water.

Increase protein intake.

Enjoy each workout.

My Neck and My Back

How may of ya’ll remember that commercial thatwas about 15 years ago? I remember I used to always bust into a fit of laughter, everytime it came on. Although the circumstances, concerning the dialogue wasnt at all funny, I just couldnt help myself.

Much like I cant help myself now. My hammies and, as my daughter would say, my booey (butt). Oh the pain! Muscles are sore, that I didnt even know existed. Oh my! At one point today, my legs felt like straight tree trunks. I knew what needed to be done.

I came home, pulled out my yoga mat and my stretch wrap and went to work. I threw in some child poses and some downward facing dogs, and I feel a little looser. Not much, but a little. I hope to have just enough flexibility to get in a good run tomorrow.

I dont think I will be participating in run to work day after all! The dstance from my house to the train station is a little over 2 miles. I dont care to run such a short distance. Instead, I will get up early, and do my scheduled 3 miles.

Im exhausted, so Im about to call it a night. Here’s my tracking for the day