I did it!


7 miles yesterday. Longest wog to date. I started the day with a cup of joe, and a bagel with cream cheese and jelly. By mile 4, it was as if I hadnt eaten anything. I felt my energy deplete. I consumed 1/2 box of a small box of raisins and kept trucking. At mile 5, I consumed the remaining raisins. Although, I felt some pep in my step, Im pretty sure it wasnt enough. At mile 6, I felt kind of dizzy. I kept trucking on. Walked longer then a minute when I had to, but kept moving. I was close, I just needed to get there. I stopped my Nike+ app at 7.19 miles. I walked the rest of the way to my car.

My heart rate monitor said I burned a whopping 1058 calories. I am flabbergasted at that amount. Its not hard to understand, how I felt like crap aferwards.

I stretched, and then hit the road. I refueled with gatorade and a pickle. I felt better pretty soon there after. Next, Sunday I have 8 miles planned. I will prob fuel the same way, but have the gatorade and pickle waiting for me in the car. Then I’ll just run (2) 4 mile loops, making a pit stop at the car half way.


3 responses to “I did it!

  1. I am SO thrilled for you! That is fantastic! I’m envious also – my knee is preventing me from getting out there

    • What’s wrong with your knee? Have you heard of KT tape. I know many runners that are prone to knee problems, that use it and swear by it.

      • I will check that out – thanks for the tip! It’s either my new runners, which have arch-supports I possibly don’t need or I’d got too sloppy about stretching.
        Keep on inspiring me, there – I’m sure to get out again soon.

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