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Burned Out

Running and I, are having an extremely volatile relationship right now. We are not doing right by each other. Running is starting to feel like a chore. Sure, I drag myself out to do it, but Im not giving it my all. My mile trick doesnt even seem to help. I can run 6 long, torturous miles, and still not feel warmed up.

Im not happy. My 10k is paid for. I would like to finish in an 1 hr 15 mins. As of late, Im lucky if Ican squeak by at 1 hr 30 mins. Im still running intervals. All of a sudden 3/1 is too much for me. Hell, today I couldnt make it through 2/1 intervals. No bueno.

Im beating myself up, but I dont know what to do! Ive tried various fueling techniques. Im trying to stay hydrated. I even bought new sneakers. All that has bought me is knee pain in my left knee, and mediocre mileage. 18.65 miles is what Ive accomplished this week. Every last one of them was hard. I couldnt focus! I wasnt there. I wanted it to be over before I started. Im burned out. I didnt see this coming.

I need fun and variety in my routine. Yesterday sfter running, I went on a 3.5 mile bike ride. It was glorious, and it felt good to be moving along. Today, after running, I broke out the rollerblades. The time I spent blading was minimal, but it was fun! All my limbs are still intact.

Right now, my plan is to get through my 10k next week, and then re-evaluate my goals. I want to complete a half marathon, but I may need to push it further out. I do know that I want to get in some form of activity EVERY day. Variety. I want to utilize my bells, my bike, and my blades, in addition to my legs. I also want to try to incorporate some body weight exercises. I want to be fit, and healthy. So help me God!

I want to get past this slump.



Didn’t mean to go missing like that. Work has gotten really busy these past 2 weeks, and along with day light savings time, I’m a walking zombie. I’m finding it so hard to wake up in the morning and get my run on. However, half marathon training is still in full effect. I make it a point to get my long runs in on Sundays.

Today I will be running a total of 11 miles. I should be excited, but I’m not because I know I can do it. I’m running a 5k today, and to make it to 11 I will be running to the race, running the race, running home from the race, and adding an additonal 2 miles somewhere along the way.

So, I will be back later tonight, with set the stage Sunday, and we can start fresh from today. In the meanwhile have a look at a challenge I found on

I plan on trying this ya’ll. Variety is the spice of life, and my goals these days are just to keep moving. So pardon me, if I seem all over the place. That’s a good thing!

Talk to you later.

Set the Stage 11/52

The clocks sprung forward this morning, and thus I lost a hour. The only good thing I can see so far, is that I should actually see daylight when I try to rise early. We shall see.

Here are my goals for the week:

Sun – 8 miles 4/1
Mon – Walk and Kettlebell Tabata
Tue – 4 miles 4/1
Wed – Bike Ride and Kettlebell Tabata
Thur – 4 miles 4/1
Fri – Elliptical or Treadmill Speed Workout and Kettlebell Tabata
Sat – 4 mile 4/1 group run

I also need to track at least 3xs this week. Focus on my fluids, yet make sure Im not drinking my calories. I also would like to make sure Im eating enough lean protein.

What are your goals for the week?

Set the Stage 10/52

This is ambitious, but I think I can manage it. My goal is to JUST KEEP MOVING!

Sun – 7 miles 3/1
Mon – Active Rest Kettlebells
Tues – 4 miles 4/1
Wed – Cross Training & Kettlebells
Thur – 4 miles 4/1
Fri – Cross Training & Kettlebells
Sat – 4 miles 4/1 group run

Week in Review 9/52

Sun – 6 miles (my longest run!) – Knocked this out the box.

Mon – I would love to do zumba if I can make it! Depends how work goes. Or Xtraining
Ended up Resting.

Tue – 4 miles – 2 miles on the treadmill, 1 mile walk outside.

Wed – Kettlebell Swing Progression Workout(post coming soon) – Yup as previously posted.

Thur – Rest or Xtraining – Rest

Fri – Kettlebell – 6 miles cycling on the recumbent bike.

Sat – 4 miles – Rest

Im not happy with the amount of running I did this week. If I plan on making it through a half marathon, I need to get my Agame on. I am pleased with the cross training I accomplished, and look forward to more!

Apple Martini Anyone?

Quick Drive By Post Alert

The Apple Ecstasy tastes just like an Apple Martini sans the vodka. That's a good thing! However, I still wouldn't buy a full 2lb tub.

Some random thoughts:

The Chobani Blood Orange is soooooooooooooooooooooooo tasty.

I've restarted eating Overnight Oats again. I've missed them.

Spring ahead is in a few weeks. I'm afraid Im not going to be able to cope.

I can barely cope with more sleep with Fall Behind.

I haven't been up in the morning to run during the week, in a few weeks now. This makes me feel bad.

I really did not want to go to the gym during lunch time today.

I got up off my lazy ass and went to the gym during lunch time today.

6 miles on the recumbent bike in 30 mins. 463 calories burned. Amount burned included walk to and from the gym.

Im looking forward to my runs this weekend.

I hope to swing my Kbell tonight.

I feel like pulling out my sewing machine and creating.

That is all.

Have a nice weekend!

All About The Kettlebell

Well, as predicted I didnt make zumba class. Rather, then do nothing, I decided to swing the kettlebell bit. Speaking of which, I have a new kettlebell swinging idol.

Tracy Refikind, a blog that came highly recommended to me. She’s lost over 100lbs, and kettlebells played a part in the fitness portion of her weghtloss.

I read through her blog over the weekend, and I was inspired to do a drill of my own.

Tonight, I spent 10 mins doing the following routine:

Kettlebell Swings 10 reps
Alternating Kettlebell Swings 15 reps but performed in sets as follow:
1 rep
2 reps
3 reps
4 reps
5 reps

Repeat entire sequence 5 times.

125 reps
71 calories burned
10 mins invested.

Short spells like this, makes me wonder how I could ever not want to work out? Every little bit
counts! I look forward to spending more time with my kettlebell!

Enjoy your night!