Burned Out

Running and I, are having an extremely volatile relationship right now. We are not doing right by each other. Running is starting to feel like a chore. Sure, I drag myself out to do it, but Im not giving it my all. My mile trick doesnt even seem to help. I can run 6 long, torturous miles, and still not feel warmed up.

Im not happy. My 10k is paid for. I would like to finish in an 1 hr 15 mins. As of late, Im lucky if Ican squeak by at 1 hr 30 mins. Im still running intervals. All of a sudden 3/1 is too much for me. Hell, today I couldnt make it through 2/1 intervals. No bueno.

Im beating myself up, but I dont know what to do! Ive tried various fueling techniques. Im trying to stay hydrated. I even bought new sneakers. All that has bought me is knee pain in my left knee, and mediocre mileage. 18.65 miles is what Ive accomplished this week. Every last one of them was hard. I couldnt focus! I wasnt there. I wanted it to be over before I started. Im burned out. I didnt see this coming.

I need fun and variety in my routine. Yesterday sfter running, I went on a 3.5 mile bike ride. It was glorious, and it felt good to be moving along. Today, after running, I broke out the rollerblades. The time I spent blading was minimal, but it was fun! All my limbs are still intact.

Right now, my plan is to get through my 10k next week, and then re-evaluate my goals. I want to complete a half marathon, but I may need to push it further out. I do know that I want to get in some form of activity EVERY day. Variety. I want to utilize my bells, my bike, and my blades, in addition to my legs. I also want to try to incorporate some body weight exercises. I want to be fit, and healthy. So help me God!

I want to get past this slump.


One response to “Burned Out

  1. Thanks for reading my blog! I feel your pain, but keep at it!!!
    I’m going to add you to my blog roll…

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