Sunday’s Long Run

Was not 1 that I’d soon to forget. If you recall, I had 8 miles on the schedule. If you recall, I felt like death warmed over after running 7 miles the week before. Yet, on this particular Sunday, I ran 11 miles!!!!!

Allow me to document. I had already known the day was promised to be a beautiful one. I was excited to run, and I knew I would have company. I pre-fueled with a butter roll, and a large travel sized mug of coffee. While at the store, I also purchased a lemon gatorade, and 2 bottles of chinese ginseng.

I had figured (2) 4 mile loops, with a pit stop at the car for some gatorade replenishment. I figured I would experiment with the ginseng for any necessary energy boosts, I may need. Anyway, I went to pick up Leah, who is a new fearless wogger. I call her fearless, because despite being new to the sport, she willingly agrees to come out with me for these long runs. I mean, Im trainng for a half mary, and she’s training for her 1st 5k, yet she still wants to train with me. Oh, and Im her ride, so she cant leave until Im ready. Crazy, right?

So, I pick crazy, I mean Leah up, and she goes, its so beautiful, lets go for 10! I’m like 10 what? I figured she meant 10/1 intervals, but no, she meant 10 miles. All, I could do was shake my head and say, we’ll see!

So we run about 2.25 miles, and Im surprising myself, because Im seriously running with no walking breaks, and I see a little path, where we would normally turn around. To my surprise, the boardwalk continued on. So I ran, and, ran, and ran.

By mile 3, I drank 1 of the ginseng’s, and it was as if someone lit a rocket under my ass. I ran and ran, and ran some more. We finally made it back to the car after 6.5 miles. I guzzled water, and gatorade, did a few stretches, and took off to finish my 8. In the back of my mind, I knew 10 was within reach. I felt that good.

Next thing I knew, we had travelled 8 miles. I urge Leah to continue straight. I thought I would stop and drink my other ginseng, but I lost the straw somewhere along the way. I picked my feet up, and ran on!

Before you know it, we are at our original turn around point. We make a quick water stop, and then instead of going left like I wanted to, Leah insists we go right. Going left would’ve took us n the direction we came from, and should’ve been 10 miles, if not a little over.

Going right, took us an entire mile out of our way. By the time we made it back to the car, we had run 11 miles. I seriously could not believe it! Who am I?

It was a wonderful feeling, and it solidified any thoughts or concerns I may have had about running this half mary. However, I must mention, it wasnt easy. After 9 miles, by body started to protest. I got a side stitch. That has never happened. I really felt each and every rock my foot came across. Usually my feet arent so sensitive.

Walking breaks was simply not an option. Each time, I attempted to stop, I could barely walk. Ironically, it was easiest to just run. Who would’ve thought? All parts of my body was sore. Upper and lower. I would swear my butt started to chaffe too. But, I made it. I did it! I accomplished and surpassed my goal. I was too damn proud!

Upon returning home, mommy duty was in full effect. My son wanted to ride his bike. I wanted to just keep moving so my body wouldnt stiffen up too much. I made a quick dinner, and off we went. My son on his bike. My daughter in her stroller, and me behind her, pushing her along. We walked while my son rode, to one of our favorite parks which is 1.5 miles away. I figured 3 extra miles of walking couldnt hurt. Boy, was I wrong.

The next day, I could not get out of bed. I literally hobbled to the shower, and threw the water on full blast, ICE cold. I forced my body under, and I stayed there frozen. I didnt come out until
I was shivering. I grabbed my rolling pin from my cabinet and repurposed it into a muscle massager.

I hobbled along everywhere yesterday. I took many breaks to roll my muscles. I made sure to take a short run during lunch, just to aid recovery. Today, I feel brand new. Recovery wasnt so bad! Dare I say, I would do it again? Why, yes I would!

Many thanks to Leah for wogging along behind me. She really pushes herself, to try to keep up with me. She inspires me! Side note: why, while I was hobbling, she went and wogged 4 miles yesterday? See, I tokd you, CRAZY!!


3 responses to “Sunday’s Long Run

  1. Very inspiring, Necia! You knew you could do it. And you did!

  2. great story. Keep it up. a full marathon in your future?

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