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Run Like Hell-th 5K

Omg, of all days to be moving slow, and just not in a running mood, it would happen yesterday. Despite many previous runs where I’ve experienced constant running, faster paces, and just plain on enjoyment, yesterday was NOT that day. Neither was Saturday, if I want to be honest with myself.

Hmnnnnnnnnnnnn, can’t say for sure why yesterday run sucked the way it did. Could be the fact that I had to pee, and ran(if you can call it that) the entire race having to do so. I mean, I warmed up by running to the event, and even that was a hardship. By the time I reached the start, I had ran 3 miles. I should’ve been properly warmed up, but I guess not.

I also had way more gear then Im used to carrying on my person. Running to the event meant, running with my camera attached to my waist. Um, no THANK YOU, never again.

I’ve also bought back the kettlebell full swing. I purchased a 10lb and a 20lb to add to my collection, and I’ve been putting them to use. I love how they are making me feel. I have muscles trying to pop, and overall Im feeling stronger. However, Im also FEELING it! I hope in time, and with more consistent workouts, my body will settle into things. I cant have tree trunks for legs when Im trying to run. Lol.

With that said and done, it was a VERY nice race. Especially so, considering it was the 2nd annual of it’s kind. The swag bag was decent too, for it to be a $20 5k. I finished in about 48 minutes. Worst time EVER! So not a PR, but I did have fun!

All in all, I got in 6.5 miles yesterday. I’ll take it. However I’m still missing my long run, and with this being a holiday week, I need to get my plan into gear.

Here are my thoughts:
3 runs this week : 2 short at 12 min mph/1 long slow for 11 miles
3 Kettlebell workouts

Clean Eating!

Water Consumption!

I have Friday off of work, and if things go my way, I will be leaving the house, completing my long run, and then immediately going to the spa. I would love to treat myself to a body massage, and a body scrub. Spending time in the sauna’s can’t hurt either.

What are your fitness goals?



Didn’t mean to go missing like that. Work has gotten really busy these past 2 weeks, and along with day light savings time, I’m a walking zombie. I’m finding it so hard to wake up in the morning and get my run on. However, half marathon training is still in full effect. I make it a point to get my long runs in on Sundays.

Today I will be running a total of 11 miles. I should be excited, but I’m not because I know I can do it. I’m running a 5k today, and to make it to 11 I will be running to the race, running the race, running home from the race, and adding an additonal 2 miles somewhere along the way.

So, I will be back later tonight, with set the stage Sunday, and we can start fresh from today. In the meanwhile have a look at a challenge I found on

I plan on trying this ya’ll. Variety is the spice of life, and my goals these days are just to keep moving. So pardon me, if I seem all over the place. That’s a good thing!

Talk to you later.

Save The Date

Feb 22, 2013 – Feb 24, 2013

Disney World Princess Half Marathon

I am beyond excited, and really, really, really, want to run this. And the 5k!

I can’t wait until registration opens!

My Half Marathon Training Plan

So the big date is April 22nd. I’ve chosen the Rutgers Half Marathon for my first foray into “running a half marathon”. Why a half marathon? Well, I’ve done the whole 5k things, and those are fast and fun, but I want something more. Usually by the time the 5k is over, I’ve just gotten warmed up.

Another reason, is I want some bling! These races don’t come cheap nor do they come free. Therefore, if I choose to do a race, it has to be something that Im getting out of it.

My 1st 5k got me a red tshirt. My 2nd 5k I ended up with a nice hoodie, that I wear often. The Half marathon is going to get me a medal! Bling baby! Right before the half marathon, I will run a 10k which is about 6 miles to see where Im at with my training. In any event, whether, I walk, run, or crawl, so long as I get it done within the 4hr time frame, I’m golden!

So wish me luck. And for specefic training details, click below. Im planning to run/walk this half marathon, and what you see on the plan is run/walk intervals. On non running days, I will incorporate Kettle bells, zumba, spinning class, or either plain cycling. In other words, cross training is also playing a big part of my training.


Until Later.

Set The Stage 5/52

There is a half marathon taking place April 22nd! I would like to participate in it. This week, I will begin my half marathon training. I chose a program from which is a run/walk program, very similar to Jeff Galloway’s run/walk method, only it’s a bit simplified. Simple works very well for me.

In the next few upcoming weeks you will see that my run mileage is appearing to drop. I know it was hard for me to accept, but I want to give this program a shot. The only change, Im making is Im starting with Week 2, instead of Week 1. It is a 12 week program. Starting it now, will give me a few days to play around with, but it will also take me right into the half marathon.

Ok enough of that for now, lets set the stage on Tuesday for the rest of the week. Lame I know!

* Re-cap Week 5 by Saturday night.
* Set the stage for Week 6 on Sunday.
* Fill water bottle 4x’s a day which will have me consuming 74ozs a day. More as desired, but I really want to stay on target with this. Hydration is key!
* Run/walk 9 miles this week 2/1 intervals.
* Walk 2.5 miles after my long run on Sunday. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk!
* Visit the gym at least twice this week! My half marathon training has me cross training once. I would like to spend 60 mins doing cardio/strength with an emphasis on cardio for endurance, with a short strength session worked in! I also would like to take a yoga class on Sunday, following my long run on Saturday.
* A minimum of 2 Kettle Bell workouts! Engage the core throughout every move!
* Clean eating! Im already off to a shaky start! Time to pull in the reigns.

There you have it! I will make a conscious effort to pop back in after I complete each workout, just so that I can have a record of what Im accomplishing.

Week In Review 1/52

Below, is what I had planned for this past week, versus what I actually did.

5K – done
Plank A Day – on forearms – 40 secs

Gym – strength, stretch, abs – Nope, didn’t happen
Plank A Day – on forearms – 45 secs

3 miles w/ hills – 1.8 miles with 1 hill set that nearly killed me.
Plank A Day – on forearms – 50 secs

Plank A Day on forearms – 50 secs
Rest – treadmill warmup, some strength

3 miles w/speed intervals
Plank A Day – on forearms – 30 secs

Strength, Stretch, Abs – half assed strength w/o
Plank A Day – on forearms – 70 secs

Possible 2 miles flat or Xtrain – 3 miles
Zumba – Done

Goals for 2012

So, as 2011 nears to an end, I thought I would reflect on some goals for 2012. Not resolutions, because those are so easy to break, but rather goals. Having goals, gives me things to strive for. They are attainable. They are refineable. So, without further adieu:

1. Learn how to swim.
2. Train and run a Half Marathon (13.1 miles)
3. 3-5 races. From 5k’s to the HM.
4. Tighten up my eating/nutrition. I plan on having 3 nutritious lunches per week. Lunch is my problem child, so I will start there. The plan is to pack healthier lunches, be it salads, or just leftovers from dinner that I prepared myself.
5. More consistent in the gym, especially with weight training. In order to be a great runner, and remain injury free, strength training is important.
6. Incorporate more cross training, AND have fun doing so. For the warmer weather, I want to ride my bike at least 3xs a week. I want to refamiliarize myself with roller blading. I want to try kick boxng. Continue attending zumba class. Cant forget the cycling classes my gym offers.
7. Get out with my kids. Fitness needs to be a family affair, and I plan on being out doors with them as much as possible, weather permitting.
8. Document more. I want to be able to review my life changes and accomplishments. I want to take time out to write things out. Use my camera more, to snap pictures of the roses! When life gets hectic, I need a way to look back, and SEE all that Ive accomplished.
9. Last, but most importantly, my main goal for 2012 is to enjoy life!

Do you have any goals/resolutions for the upcoming year?