Yoga Skirt from a T-Shirt – DIY

Leave it to me, to find a way to do something crafty to benefit my running. Here is my running skirts, at least for the time being.


I used a size 2x tshirt to create these. I kept the original hem intact, and just cut everything else to my measurements. The waistband is yoga style, and can be worn fully extended, or folded down in half. These skirts will always be worn over tights.

I reconstructed the gray shirt first. My waistband was a good 6″ smaller then the skirt prtion, so I needed to get creative. I did the best I could, but still ended up with some wonkiness. By the time, I started the blue skirt, I knew what needed to be done.

Yes, my blue skirt is a bit tighter then the gray skirt, but I can still move in it. I plan on testing 1 of these tomorrow during my long run. After this the sky is the limit. I know I need at least a pink one in my life.

So there you have it! I had a good time using my sewing machine, and plan on putting it to good use more often.


2 responses to “Yoga Skirt from a T-Shirt – DIY

  1. Go on, with your bad self! Creativity and usefulness always go hand in hand. Who better to show that?

    Now, to find some plain 2x shirts. Where’d you get the waistbands?

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