Week in Review 9/52

Sun – 6 miles (my longest run!) – Knocked this out the box.

Mon – I would love to do zumba if I can make it! Depends how work goes. Or Xtraining
Ended up Resting.

Tue – 4 miles – 2 miles on the treadmill, 1 mile walk outside.

Wed – Kettlebell Swing Progression Workout(post coming soon) – Yup as previously posted.

Thur – Rest or Xtraining – Rest

Fri – Kettlebell – 6 miles cycling on the recumbent bike.

Sat – 4 miles – Rest

Im not happy with the amount of running I did this week. If I plan on making it through a half marathon, I need to get my Agame on. I am pleased with the cross training I accomplished, and look forward to more!


2 responses to “Week in Review 9/52

  1. I really need to get into a routine. I know I should, to help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. But then when I get to running I’m afraid the activity will bring those on! Can’t win for losing.. I’m just a hot mess.

    • Girl walk. Walking burns almost as many calories as running. I hardly ever straight run. The 3/1 stands for 3 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking. Rinse repeat. You can start out with as little as 30sec running with 1 or 2 minutes of walking. Rinse, repeat.

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