What A Startling Discovery

The treadmill and I ARE NOT friends. I called myself going to the gym at lunch time today. You see, I slept in, and totally ignored the fact that I needed to get in 4 miles today.

Off to the gym I went, and I set my Nike GPS for 4 miles. By the time I reached 1 mile, I was crying with boredom. I couldn’t keep up with my 3/1 intervals. I couldn’t keep my pace at 5.0 mph, so I lowered it. I was just a hot mess!

I tried doing 1/1 intervals. By the time I reached 2 miles, I felt like I could possibly zone out. Too bad, I was already 30 mins in, and I needed to get back to work. There was no way I could spend another 30 minutes just to complete 4 miles.

With the walk back to work I completed another mile. So this workout sesh was definitely more walking, but Im glad I did get in some activity. I also plan on swinging my bell for at least 10 minutes when I get home tonight. Then it’s stretch city.

When I arrived back at work, I broke into my pre-made Syntrax Nectar Pink Lemonade. Im happy to say this one tasted much better then the Twisted Cherry, if not a little too sweet. However, it smelled exactly the way the Twisted Cherry tasted. Horrible. Im not sure if I would buy a huge 2lb tub of this.

So there you have it. Tracking is going well, and I like moving to get more calories to eat if necessary. At some point, I will take my measurements, and my weight, so I can see if any of this is making a difference. When I look at pictures, I do look smaller, but let’s face it, compression gear is susposed to make you look smaller. So Im still on the fence.


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