All About The Kettlebell

Well, as predicted I didnt make zumba class. Rather, then do nothing, I decided to swing the kettlebell bit. Speaking of which, I have a new kettlebell swinging idol.

Tracy Refikind, a blog that came highly recommended to me. She’s lost over 100lbs, and kettlebells played a part in the fitness portion of her weghtloss.

I read through her blog over the weekend, and I was inspired to do a drill of my own.

Tonight, I spent 10 mins doing the following routine:

Kettlebell Swings 10 reps
Alternating Kettlebell Swings 15 reps but performed in sets as follow:
1 rep
2 reps
3 reps
4 reps
5 reps

Repeat entire sequence 5 times.

125 reps
71 calories burned
10 mins invested.

Short spells like this, makes me wonder how I could ever not want to work out? Every little bit
counts! I look forward to spending more time with my kettlebell!

Enjoy your night!


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