The Beast Thats Me


Well, today was my long run, with 6 miles on the schedule. I met up with a new runner, and set out to kick the asphalt’s ass. The only pre-fueling I had, was a travel mug sized cup of coffee. The first 5 miles went by fast. After that I was ready for it to be over, but knew I was close.

I bust into my snack sized box of raisins, but cant say if it made any difference or not.

Once I hit 6 miles, I stretched and then booked it home. My water was drunk, and my rasins were eaten. Speaking of water, I really wanted a sip or 2, from mile 2 on, but there was none to be had. I managed, but I think I will start carrying water on long runs. Especially, when I know I havent drank alot of water prior.

I also plan on eating food from now on, before the long run. It makes sense, considering my runs are only going to get longer.

When I first arrived home, al I wanted to do was lay like a log. I just couldnt move. Finally, my hunger kicked into gear, and I made a black bean omelette, and a green monsta protein shake. Since then, Ive had an apple, and 1.5 tuna sandwiches. The beast is out!

I plugged all my food, thus far into Lose It. I burned ALOT of calories wogging today. I have a huge calorie deficit. Im trying to be reasonable, but as I type this, I AM HUNGRY! Im about to go attack the fridge.

I hope the beast that is me, calms down by tomorrow, as tomorrow is a rest day!



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