My Neck and My Back

How may of ya’ll remember that commercial thatwas about 15 years ago? I remember I used to always bust into a fit of laughter, everytime it came on. Although the circumstances, concerning the dialogue wasnt at all funny, I just couldnt help myself.

Much like I cant help myself now. My hammies and, as my daughter would say, my booey (butt). Oh the pain! Muscles are sore, that I didnt even know existed. Oh my! At one point today, my legs felt like straight tree trunks. I knew what needed to be done.

I came home, pulled out my yoga mat and my stretch wrap and went to work. I threw in some child poses and some downward facing dogs, and I feel a little looser. Not much, but a little. I hope to have just enough flexibility to get in a good run tomorrow.

I dont think I will be participating in run to work day after all! The dstance from my house to the train station is a little over 2 miles. I dont care to run such a short distance. Instead, I will get up early, and do my scheduled 3 miles.

Im exhausted, so Im about to call it a night. Here’s my tracking for the day



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