When All Is Said & Done


Last night I was left with 256 calories worth of food to consume. It was actually, 120 calories left to consume, but I felt all kinds of guilty with my kettlebell staring at me. I did an impromptu 20 min workout, and burned 136 calories. Not too shabby, if I may say so myself. I wore my heart rate monitor while exercising, so Im pretty confident of the #s.

When I added my exercise to Lose It, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I earned more food. It makes sense though. Food=Fuel which is a necessity to keep the motor=me, running. Talk about light bulb moments!

Here’s the workout I did: kb weight/reps x2(#sets)

Kb Swings 25/15 x2
Alternating Single Kb Swings 25/15 x2
Kb Squats 25/15 x2
Romanian Deadlift 25/15 x2. *this wasnt all that challenging, so I will be swapping this one with single leg kb deadlifts *
Figure 8’s 25/15 x2
Kb Squat & Press 25/15 x2

The plan is to do ths at least twice per week, eventually working up to 30 mins and 3 sets.



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