Week in Review 7/52

Oh my, this wa a rough week for me! Read below to see what was planned, versus what was done.

Sunday – Long Run – 5 miles – 2/1 intervals – Mission accomplished! It was very cold. I had to play mind games with myself to make it through this run. The wind was no joke! I was not the only nut out there running against th wind. I felt so accomplished when I was finished.

Later that night, why does my throat feel like this? Alka Seltzer Plus Cold Night time version to my rescue!

Monday – Kettle Bell Workout – 20 mins – Nope. Woke up feeling odd! Took the day off just to be sure. Later that day, why is there a golf ball in my mouth? I cant swallow, I cant eat, I can barely move. I slept for much of Monday, only taking time to cry out in pain and pee. Eating and drinking wasnt on my agenda.

Tue – Cardio Cross Train – Bike/Eliptical/Rower – 60 mins – Nope. Off of work again. I can barely function. The golf ball is still in my mouth, and I really think I should go to the hospital and get an IV, but I just cant. No energy. Later that day, Ive forced myself to eat and drink, and I feel a little better.

Wed – Hill Repeats – 2.5 miles – 3/1 intervals – Nope. I feel well enough to shower and so Im gong to wrk. Gee, the amount of work that awaited me. After commuting to work, I started feeling dizzy, and didnt accomplish much work.

Thur – Kettle Bell Workout – 20 mins – Nope. Threw myself into work today. Im 85% better.

Fri – Easy – 3 miles – 3/1 intervals – Nope. Found out last night, there is no work Monday. Normally I would be happy, but Ive already missed 2 days this week. i have a back log of work that MUST be finished by day’s end. Later that day: Exhausted.com! Desk is cleared, and I can enjoy Monday with a good conscious!

Sat – Easy Run w/BGR and Zumba or cross training as above – run/walk 3.4 miles with some BGR. No real intervals. Once I got in my groove, I zoned out, and just kept running. It was nice! Had a really nice stretching session afterwards, with my new friend, whose a yoga teacher! Awesome!

Drink more water. Yes and No. Yes, when I was well enough to care. No, when I wasnt. Continue to experiment with the chia fresca! – Not this week!

Eating – Back to clean eating at lunch time. Salads! – I enjoyed 1 salad this week, and dont really remember what I ate on other days.

So I missed 1 run this week, and there has been no cross training. I will address this in days to come.



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