Gear Im Needing Right About Now


Compression socks to hold it all in, and to boost muscle recovery. The skirts because they are so dang on cute, and really, why not?


Motoactv – Im ready to take my training to the next level. Right along with my music. Personal trainer, mp3 player, and gps all in 1 unit? Sounds pretty damn sweet to me.

Fuel belt – there is going to come a time when I will need to carry hydration on me. Especially in the summer, and for longer runs. This belt here will give me options. I would use 2 with plain water. 1 with water mixed with electrolytes, and the last water mixed with honey and molasses for an energy boost.

Vibram Komodosports – Im finding that I need to replace my running shoes every 3 months. I love my vibrams, and I love running in them too. These are the next model that Im wanting to put to the test.

How bout you? Any cool gear on your radar?


2 responses to “Gear Im Needing Right About Now

  1. Hey Necia. I am desiring a fitbit. As soon as funds permit I will purchase one to keep track of my activity and sleep. I am curious about calorie burn at Zumba in particular.

  2. Hey Karen,
    How are you? I’ve heard that the Fit Bit gives out some really useful information. I say go for it! I happen to have a polar heart rate monitor. If I can ever remember to put it on, I would also be interested in the amount of calories I burn, especially during zumba and cycling. The zumba class that I can readily attend, the teacher isn’t all that great. She’s sloppy to say the least, and Ive come to the conclusion that I rather not do anything, then spend the time with her.

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