Week In Review 6/52

* Walk 2.5 consecutive miles. – Nope didn’t happen.

* Gym 2xs this week! Im thinking cardio cross training – 60 minutes cardio, and yoga! Spread across 2 visits. – Nope

* Run/walk intervals 2/1 for 10.5 miles – Yes and no. I ran 7.5 miles this week. I really need to remember the week starts on Sunday. However, all my scheduled runs were ran!

* 2 kettlebell workouts. Try to get through at least 2 sets of the routine I posted last week or similar. I want to remember to put on heart rate monitor too. – I swung my bell for maybe 4 minutes and just felt out of it. Im going to work on incorporating this more into my workout. Consistently.

* Drink more water. Perhaps, I will try drinking a full glass upon wakng every morning. – I think I did but I haven’t really kept track. Im experimenting with adding chia to my morning glass, and squirts of lime throughout the day.

* Clean eating, which in itself is going to be challenging, because my money is funny this week. It costs so much more to eat clean! And, no Im not complaining, Im just saying. – This is a huge negative.

* Stretch more! Utilize my stretch wrap(post coming soon) – Definitely. I went from no stretching, to really trying to stretch my limbs after I run. With this cold weather I think this is key, to a good recovery.

Stay tuned for Set the Stage Week 7!


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