Noteworthy Things (For My Own Reference)

I remember a short time ago, I would try to avoid running the 5 mile distance. For some reason I couldn’t stand the thought of being outside that long trying to run for that amount of time. Im happy to say I have crushed that distance twice. My next goal is to crush that distance within an hour.

With running longer distances I have noticed that I have to pay closer attention to my fueling methods. Usually I run in the morning before work, and I rarely if ever eat before running. Im lucky if I take a swig of water before I set out. However, it’s said that somewhere after 60-90 minutes one should think about refueling.

Luckily for me, I haven’t reached the stage of refueling, as my runs are still under an hr 10 mins. However on Sunday, I said let me try fueling before I headed out. I had a bagel with cream cheese and jelly about an hr before my run. Im happy to report it worked well. I also guzzled about 12ozs of water with 1T of chia and a squirt of lime juice immediately before heading out.

My energy level was constant throughout the entire run. I never felt tired, even as the wind fought hard to push me back, and swing my body side ways. I didn’t have any noticeable stomach pains. The only thing I noticed is that it took me about 2 full miles to warm up, and work the kinks out of my leg. Im blaming that totally on the extremely cold weather, and the treacherous wind. Otherwise, I was fine, fine, fine!

I have one more long run of 5 miles scheduled and then I will be moving into 6 miles! At my current pace, I think I can get still get away without refueling, but moving into 7 miles, refueling is something I will have to think about. Im thinking about keeping it as simple as possible. I plan on experimenting with polenta and fig newton cookies. Whatever it is, I need to have it down by the time I run my half marathon in April.

Also noteworthy to me, is the fact that I don’t carry water with me anymore during my runs. Call it laziness or stupidity, but Im just not in the mood for carrying additonal crap. Im trying to focus on my form, and I need right angled bent arms that swing back to front, not sway side to side across my body. Im also wanting to test my threshold for waiting to drink water at designated water stops. So far its going well, but pre hydrating is key. I also reserve the right to change this up as the weather warms up. Whenever that may be.


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