My Half Marathon Training Plan

So the big date is April 22nd. I’ve chosen the Rutgers Half Marathon for my first foray into “running a half marathon”. Why a half marathon? Well, I’ve done the whole 5k things, and those are fast and fun, but I want something more. Usually by the time the 5k is over, I’ve just gotten warmed up.

Another reason, is I want some bling! These races don’t come cheap nor do they come free. Therefore, if I choose to do a race, it has to be something that Im getting out of it.

My 1st 5k got me a red tshirt. My 2nd 5k I ended up with a nice hoodie, that I wear often. The Half marathon is going to get me a medal! Bling baby! Right before the half marathon, I will run a 10k which is about 6 miles to see where Im at with my training. In any event, whether, I walk, run, or crawl, so long as I get it done within the 4hr time frame, I’m golden!

So wish me luck. And for specefic training details, click below. Im planning to run/walk this half marathon, and what you see on the plan is run/walk intervals. On non running days, I will incorporate Kettle bells, zumba, spinning class, or either plain cycling. In other words, cross training is also playing a big part of my training.


Until Later.


2 responses to “My Half Marathon Training Plan

  1. Wishing you lots of luck for your half-marathon. You’re braver than I! I’ve run a few 10ks over the past few years but am completely scared of 13+miles. I think the passion & belief will carry you over the finish line. You’ve inspired me to think twice about what I fear!
    Go you!

  2. Oh wow! I almost entered that race! Good Luck. Seems like you’re doing very well

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