Week In Review 5/52

Here we go!

* Re-cap Week 5 by Saturday night. – Done

* Set the stage for Week 6 on Sunday. – We’ll see!

* Fill water bottle 4x’s a day which will have me consuming 74ozs a day. More as desired, but I really want to stay on target with this. Hydration is key! – Not quite. Still stuck on 3.

* Run/walk 9 miles this week 2/1 intervals. – Done and exceeded.

* Walk 2.5 miles after my long run on Sunday. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk! – We’ll see

* Visit the gym at least twice this week! My half marathon training has me cross training once. I would like to spend 60 mins doing cardio/strength with an emphasis on cardio for endurance, with a short strength session worked in! I also would like to take a yoga class on Sunday, following my long run on Saturday. – Didnt happen!

* A minimum of 2 Kettle Bell workouts! Engage the core throughout every move! – Did 1 as posted, and I plan on doing another one tonight.

* Clean eating! Im already off to a shaky start! Time to pull in the reigns. – Didnt happen at all. My entire week was bad!


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