Happy hump day! This week has been a really odd one for me, as far as nutrition is concerned. Im pms’ing as well, and my appetite has been all over the place. On Sunday I went shopping, with the express nature of buying a container of baby spinach or mixed greens. I know packing my own salads last week, for lunch, helped me to not have even have to make any horrible food choices.

Well you know what happened right? I arrived in the store and got totally distracted. I was so impressed with the 59cents a lb, whole chickens that I immediately scooped 1 up. Some apples, bananas, avocado, milk, and cereal later, I was rushing through the express checkout.

I got home, and I’ll be damned, I forgot my damn salad mix. Instead I cleaned my chicken. Seasoned it, and popped it in the crock pot for chicken and dumplings. Mannnnnnnnnnn was it good! My first time making it, but it wont be my last! Now, chicken normally fills/satisfies me nicely. However this dish didnt cut it. It was very tasty, and I ate copious amounts. I was satisfied but not full for long. Ay vey.

Yesterday I had a living social deal, in which I went to a local fast food spot for lunch. Chicken cheese steak please. Totally unnecessary, but such a delight to my taste buds. There was leftover chicken n dumplings for dinner. Again, not very ideal considering,I do WANT to lose some weight!

This morning I woke up starving, and super late. I ordered eggs on a croissant of all things. I havent had a croissant in forever. Eat 1 of those and I cant stop. Tomorrow I will be strong, or prepare my breakfast at home! By lunch time, I was starving again, and fell totally weak and went to my favorite pizza spot. I ordered my usual which is 2 different slices, and the counter person gave me an additional free slice. I didnt eat it all, but I ate enough! I followed that with a giant oreo cupcake the size of my head! Wtf is wrong with me? Thank goodness the pizza slices are shrinking in size!

By the time I got home, my stomach was cursing me. All that junk, and I will spare you the rest of the details. I didnt feel like it, but I broke out the kettlebell.

I did 1.5 sets of the following ( note the .5 – I couldnt do any more)

Around the Body Pass
25/15 25/15

Bent Row (each side)
25/12 25/8

25/15 25/15

Half Get Up (omg Im so not ready for this with a 25lb bell)
25/4 right side. My form was all sorts of effed up too. Called it quits sooner then later!

Double Swing
25/20 25/20

Alternating Swing

Front Squat Swing

Windmill (no weight, I struggled with this prior. I need to tighten up my form)
10 reps each side

I was dripping sweat! Took several rests, and was still huffing like I ran a race. I plan on repeating this workout in the next day or 2, and this time I will strap on my heart rate monitor. I need to see how many calories are being burned.

Well, Im going to call it a night now. I have 3 miles to pound out tomorrow! I think Im also going to track my food consumption for the entire day. We shall see.


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