Week In Review 4/52

 These were my goals for Week 4

Run 10 miles – barely.  My Nike plus has me logged at 9.9, but I know I did a complete 10, because I had technical difficulties, this morning, and turned it on well after I started.

Fill my water container at least 3x’s a day – Im doing good on this.  However, yesterday I found out my water bottle is only 18.5 ozs, not the 20ozs that I originally thought.  Im going to have to increase the amount of time I refill my bottle.

3 Kettle Bell Workouts – Did only 2 KB workouts, and short ones at that.  I will make a conscious effort to actually keep track of what Im doing during each of these workout.

For goodness sake, stretch! – Nope, I need to do better.  The half assed stretching I did, can hardly compare to the stretching I NEED to do.

3 sets of Planks at least 2x’s a week – Not 1 plank was done!  Need to work on my laziness.  I want a strong core.

Continue eating as clean as possible. – I did very well with this, but there is always room for improvement.  One way I improved was carrying my own home made salad beasts into work all of last week.  I also usually started the week off with a green smoothie, or a smoothie, and 1 day last week, I started it off with eggs.  Gotta get in my protein!


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