Set The Stage 5/52

There is a half marathon taking place April 22nd! I would like to participate in it. This week, I will begin my half marathon training. I chose a program from which is a run/walk program, very similar to Jeff Galloway’s run/walk method, only it’s a bit simplified. Simple works very well for me.

In the next few upcoming weeks you will see that my run mileage is appearing to drop. I know it was hard for me to accept, but I want to give this program a shot. The only change, Im making is Im starting with Week 2, instead of Week 1. It is a 12 week program. Starting it now, will give me a few days to play around with, but it will also take me right into the half marathon.

Ok enough of that for now, lets set the stage on Tuesday for the rest of the week. Lame I know!

* Re-cap Week 5 by Saturday night.
* Set the stage for Week 6 on Sunday.
* Fill water bottle 4x’s a day which will have me consuming 74ozs a day. More as desired, but I really want to stay on target with this. Hydration is key!
* Run/walk 9 miles this week 2/1 intervals.
* Walk 2.5 miles after my long run on Sunday. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk!
* Visit the gym at least twice this week! My half marathon training has me cross training once. I would like to spend 60 mins doing cardio/strength with an emphasis on cardio for endurance, with a short strength session worked in! I also would like to take a yoga class on Sunday, following my long run on Saturday.
* A minimum of 2 Kettle Bell workouts! Engage the core throughout every move!
* Clean eating! Im already off to a shaky start! Time to pull in the reigns.

There you have it! I will make a conscious effort to pop back in after I complete each workout, just so that I can have a record of what Im accomplishing.


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