Time Flies

When you’re having fun!  Yep, I forgot to re-cap my workouts from last week, and I forgot to come back and post my plan for the week.

First the re-cap

Week 3/52 Re-cap

Sun: Long Run 5+ miles/PAD –  REST

Mon: Strength/Stretch/PAD –  5 mile wog and boy was it rough

Tue: Run 5/PAD – Kettle Ball Drills

Wed: Strength/Stretch/PAD – 10 minute Kettle Bell Workout – what a great workout!

Thur: Rest/PAD – 4 minute Kettle Bell Workout/Tabata

Fri: Run 5/PAD – REST

Sat: Run 5/PAD/Zumba – REST


So, it would appear the only thing I was consistent in was RESTING.  Hmnn, some things have to change.  Let’s try some more specific goals


Week 4/52 Set The Stage

Run 10 miles

Fill my water container at least 3x’s a day

3 Kettle Bell Workouts

For goodness sake, stretch!

3 sets of Planks at least 2x’s a week

Continue eating as clean as possible.


I will report back, sometime next week.


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