Wam Bam Thank Ma’m

Wam Bam Thank Ma’m

That would be what I said after I completed this Kettle Bell workout(you tube – click link above).  Let’s be clear, it’s suggested that you perform 2-3 sets of these exercises.  I was only able to complete 1 set! It took me 10 active minutes, and I felt like I was toast.  Matter fact, I couldn’t even complete the last exercise, and Im pretty used to working out with weights!

Kettle bells are a whole new ball game, and I love it! Here’s what I did:

2 arm swing x20

Windmills x20

Figure 8s x2o

1 arm swing x20

Figure 8s x20

Squat & Press x13 (right side only)

My muscles were shaking at this point, and I called it quits.  70 calories burned, for 10 minutes of my time.  Yes, I broke out the heart monitor.



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