Set the Stage Week 3/52

So, Im a little bit late with :my set the stage post, but have no fear, my mind is still right. Despite my accomplishments, last week, or lack thereof, Im still loving working out.  We are finally experiencing cold weather here in the North East, and as a result my running is suffering.  It’s high time that I start thinking of the treadmill as an alternate means of getting my run on.  I need to view the treadmill as a tool, and not necessarily a dreadful tool.  This is important to me, because I want to constantly push myself and my running to the next level.  So tool it is, my new mantra.

Sun: Long Run 5+ miles/PAD

Mon: Strength/Stretch/PAD

Tue: Run 5/PAD

Wed: Strength/Stretch/PAD

Thur: Rest/PAD

Fri: Run 5/PAD

Sat: Run 5/PAD/Zumba


This week shall be interesting because, I ordered a 25lb kettlebell with the notion of shaking up my workout.  I’ve been having a blast watching you tube videos of the various exercises that can be performed with Kettle bells.  I will report my progress here.




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