Central New Jersey Road Runner’s Hangover 5K


I started the New Year, exactly as I wanted. Running!

I woke up at around 9am, to drive to Westfield, NJ where the race was being held. I wanted to arrive early, because parking was guaranteed to be pretty tight. I arrived just before 11am, and sure enough, parking was tight! There was no more onsight parking available.

Normally I panic at the thought of searching for parking, but this time around wasnt bad at all. The race was held in a very residential area, and I was able to park 1 short block over.

This race was special to me! Since, Ive started leading and running with Black Girls Run – Jersey City, Ive been excited to meet other members. The supprt and encouragement is simply amazing! Today I got my chance to run with 15 other black women from the BGR North Jersey chapter. The support, encouragement, and just genuine interest in each other can go a long way on race day. Its also great for morale.

I did so much more runningthis time around. I managed to shave a few seconds off my time too! It could’ve been much more, but towards the end I started bonding with a new member from BGR. She was struggling, and talked of giving up! I was having none of that! We walked, and wogged to the very end.

As we neared the finish line, several other members that had finished their race, came back for us! How cool is that? No woman left behind! I linked arms with my new friend, and we both ran across the finish line. 46:12 for me!

Im looking forward to many more races!



One response to “Central New Jersey Road Runner’s Hangover 5K

  1. Run Necia, Run! Yes! I’m not sure I’ll get to running this year, but I plan to get more exercise in general.

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