Goals for 2012

So, as 2011 nears to an end, I thought I would reflect on some goals for 2012. Not resolutions, because those are so easy to break, but rather goals. Having goals, gives me things to strive for. They are attainable. They are refineable. So, without further adieu:

1. Learn how to swim.
2. Train and run a Half Marathon (13.1 miles)
3. 3-5 races. From 5k’s to the HM.
4. Tighten up my eating/nutrition. I plan on having 3 nutritious lunches per week. Lunch is my problem child, so I will start there. The plan is to pack healthier lunches, be it salads, or just leftovers from dinner that I prepared myself.
5. More consistent in the gym, especially with weight training. In order to be a great runner, and remain injury free, strength training is important.
6. Incorporate more cross training, AND have fun doing so. For the warmer weather, I want to ride my bike at least 3xs a week. I want to refamiliarize myself with roller blading. I want to try kick boxng. Continue attending zumba class. Cant forget the cycling classes my gym offers.
7. Get out with my kids. Fitness needs to be a family affair, and I plan on being out doors with them as much as possible, weather permitting.
8. Document more. I want to be able to review my life changes and accomplishments. I want to take time out to write things out. Use my camera more, to snap pictures of the roses! When life gets hectic, I need a way to look back, and SEE all that Ive accomplished.
9. Last, but most importantly, my main goal for 2012 is to enjoy life!

Do you have any goals/resolutions for the upcoming year?


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