The blanket I had to have, and thus started crocheting on September 30th of this year is done! Complete! Finito! Amen!

This blanket took on a life of its own. I became obsessed and had grandiose dreams of taking eleventythousand squares and turning them into a queen sized blanket. I hooked, and I hooked. I crochet and I crochet. The square increased and multiplied. Finally, I had a blanket, that more then covers my queen sized mattress.


Good riddance! Of course, I started yet another banket in the middle of this project. This one is a throw for my son to snuggle up in, and will be quite large. Im thinking 9×9 when all is said and done, so 81 squares. Pictures to follow.


One response to “Finally!

  1. That looks fabulous! Reminds me of the one my Gramma used to have on her bed when I was little. I have something similar in the works. Been looking to find some black yarn to bind all the squares together. I’m gonna get it done before the end of next year!

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