Over and Done!

Well I did it! Despite consistent training because life got in the way, I put my best foot forward, and ran my 1st 5k earlier today! I finished 3rd from last, arrowly beating 2 nine year old girls. It took me a little over 46 mins. Looking back now, I wish I wouldve pushed it to 47, being my bib was number 147.

If nothing else, this race taught me Alot! I really dont like cold weather running! It really constricts my breathing. I did more walking then running, and 100% of the time, I felt asthmatic! What gives? I also learned I need to invest in some gloves! Cold fingers and running dont mix. Neither does cold toes and running. I need to invest in some more substantial cold weather running shoes. My vibram five fingers, just arent cutting it! The socks dont add much! I thought about knitting some toe socks, but I think it would be easier to buy another brand of footwear.

So, whats next? More training! I have a pr to beat. Perhaps another race.



2 responses to “Over and Done!

  1. You did it! 😀 That is fantastic! I wish ya’ll would have run on a Sat. so I could come out and see it!!

  2. Yay!! You go girl!!! Sigh, thanks to my bum ankle now, I cant even do my treadmill for awhile,, and I wasnt doing to shabby in the walking department,,, at least for me! Cant wait to hear more,,, I wanna hear you coming in top 10!

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