Recap and Moving Forward

Below, is what I planned to do this past week.

Mon: Run
Tues: Weights/ light cardio
Wed: Run
Thur: Rest
Fri: Weights/Steady state cardio for endurance
Sat: Longer Run
Sun: Rest

This is what I did do:
Mon: Rest
Tues: Rest
Wed: Rest
Thur: Dreadmill wog/weights
Fri: Rest
Sat: Wog on asphalt
Sun: 20 min hill walk on dreadmill, 20 min elliptical, weights

All in all Im happy about my progress. Friday was my birthday and Im usually really, really depressed this time of year. Well this time I was still really, really depressed, but I did something about it, besides wallow in grief.

It’s time for Set the Stage Sunday
Mon: 5k on asphalt(weather permitting)
Tues: Rest
Wed: Cardio for endurance/weights
Thur: Run 5k or greater
Fri: Rest or weights
Sat: Run
Sun: Cardio for endurance/weights

Now, lets see what I actually accomplish!

Question: Have you set the stage?


4 responses to “Recap and Moving Forward

  1. Well, in a sense I *am* going to be making some positive steps in my life but they won’t necessarily about fitness. I’m sure I’ll work some of that in there as well, but I’m trying to get the ‘whole’ me going.. if that makes any sense.

    • Yes it does make sense! Setting the stage doesnt necessarily have to do with fitness, but it has everything to do with improving one self, by many means necessary? I think its GREAT that you are going o be focusing on Lady Bean!

  2. Okay young lady what’s done is done. Make some progress this week and let the past lay where it belongs. I’ll be 60 on Thursday and happy as heck to be here creaky knees and all. I did 20 minute Zumba on WII this morning and intend to do a longer workout tomorrow. Keep writing it does a body good

    • You are so right! Leave the past in the past. However, I usually need to reflect on the past, to shape my futre šŸ™‚ 60 is a lovely age that I hope to see. I will make sure Im around on Thursday to wish you a HBD. Zumba eh? That’s still on my list of activities to try.

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