Set the Stage Sunday

So help me this week flew by! Fitness wise, I accomplished much of nothing. Time to start scheduling my activity. I must also include strength training.

A few years ago, I lost 43lbs, and my favorite activity was weight lifting. It’s something about weights that just totally reshapes the body, and dammit I want those benefits back! It’s like I was literally shrinking, and getting reshaped at the same time, and I was lifting HEAVY too. I loved the fact, that weight lifting gave me a metabolic burning boost, that lasted hours after my workout was finished. So yeah, its definitely time to start incorporating weights back into my schedule.

Here we go:

Mon: Run
Tues: Weights/ light cardio
Wed: Run
Thur: Rest
Fri: Weights/Steady state cardio for endurance
Sat: Longer Run
Sun: Rest

Now, I’ve set the stage, and God help me, I hope I get a standing ovation!

What have you set te stage for as of late?


2 responses to “Set the Stage Sunday

  1. Hi it’s me, your crochet buddy. I’m on my break at work & decided to check out your blog. How did the week go? Did u stick with the plan? I need to drag my weights upstairs by the TV & start doing them too. Going to try giving the Paleo diet a whirl starting Mon too.

    • Hi friend! No, I did not stick with the plan, but I did get some good work outs in. I need to research the Paleo diet more, so let me know how it works for you!

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