WTF Wednesday

Still trying to streamline here. Introducing WTF Wednesday’s.

W= Who/What/Why/When/Where
T= The
F= Fu*k

First up


What the fuck was I thinking here? Yes, I know its unopened, yet Im not being judgemental. I bought 2 bags! At 99 cent each, these were a huge waste of money. Its like eating flavored plastic. Unappetizing, flavored plastic. Yuck.

Moving right along,

What the fuck happened to my facebook?
Who the fuck thought those changes were a good idea?
Why the fuck? Just why?
When the fuck did September sneak up on us?
Why the fuck is time moving so fast?
Why the fuck is time moving so slow?
Why do people say 1 thing and do another?
Why do people talk to just hear themselves talk?
Why the fuck does ingredients Ive bought for meals tend to disappear before I can make said meal?
Who the fuck took a bite of a plum and put it back in the fridge?
Why the fuck, must I make numerous trips to the grocery store each week? No, Im not only buying fresh produce!
Why the fuck does Thing 1 tell me good night, over and over again, yet does not go to sleep?
Who the fuck is humping today?
Where the fuck is Waldo?

Damn, my mouth feels dirty. I better go wash it.

Enjoy your hump day!


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