Welcome To Tasty Tuesday’s

In an effort to blog more AND not be all over the damn place, I’m going to try to streamline some of thoughts into themed posts. If you actually know me, you know that’s easier said then done, as I tend to be a bit all over the place. But, here I am, giving it a fair shot.

Today, is Tasty Tuesday, and Im writing about something tasty I’ve eaten in the past week, few days.

Today, I want to feature amazeballs. Amazeballs are these little balls of pleasure. Great snackage, and very kid friendly. Boo. I eat one of these when I desire something semi sweet, or a treat of sort. The things eat these just because. We all love them! I’m glad I happened upon the recipe. Snacks do me well, making it easier not to binge, because I have options.


Amazeballs (Servings: 10-12)
Inspired by the Fitnessista

1/3 cup protein powder
1/3 cup of peanut/almond/sunflower seed butter
1/3 cup of shredded unsweetened coconut
1/3 cup of honey
1/3 cup of old fashion oats

Pulse all of the above together in a food processor, or do like me, and give it a quick stir in a bowl with a spoon. Once mixture come together, use a small ice cream scoop, a melon scooper, or a Tablespoon scoop, and form balls of pleasure. Place in refrigerator to set up. Once balls have set, store in an air tight container inside fridge or inside of a ziploc plastic bag. Enjoy as a snack, or as a light dessert. Feel free to add in whatever comes to mind, as these are easily customizable.


Question: What have you enjoyed that was really tasty lately?


2 responses to “Welcome To Tasty Tuesday’s

  1. Hee! Oatballs. 😉

    The other day I had some Pad Thai which, while not spectacular, made me want to try another restaurant or at least, come up with a more seasoned version myself.

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