Treat or Trigger


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Im a firm believer that hard work should be rewarded. Even if its with food, so long as 1 doesnt go overboard. Usually, my treat of choice is pizza. Those that know me, know how much I LOVE pizza. I can easily eat pizza, all day, everyday. There are just so many varieties.

However, everything in moderation, right? Well, for me, wrong! I knew going in, considering my desire to lse weight, that I would have to limit many foods. Being fit and healthy, with weightloss encompasses many things. Exercise is one, but even more important is nutrition. It’s like an 80%/20% split with nutrition at 80% and exercise at 20%.

With that said I knew I had to cut down on eating pizza if I wanted to see any real results. I figured pizza once per week, would serve me well, considering I used to eat it at least four times per week. Needless to say, this just hasnt been working for me.

Rather then eating my pizza and enjoying it, its opened up the door for really crappy eating the rest of the day. Case in point, this past Thursday I had 2 slices of pizza for lunch. They are small slices, and really do fill me up, even though I usually want more! But, I stopped at 2.

3 hours later I was STARVING! As in like Ive never eaten before. I went home and proceeded to order fried buffalo wings, and an ENTIRE pizza pie with mushrooms and onions. Oh no bueno! I ate the majority of the wings that night, with 2 more slices of pizza. These slices were NOT small!
The sad thing is, there were left overs, so this terrible eating went on well into Friday!

Ive come to the conclusion, that my beloved puzza isnt truly a treat for me. It’s more like a trigger! A gateway for me to go all out, eating like I have no sense. I need to eat clean. Wholesome meals. Fuel for the body. I need to make better choices, even when the situation isnt optimal.

I know what I need to do! I need to break up with pizza. Just typing this is making me teary eyed, and non surprisingly hungry, and craving pizza. Ugh. I have to do what I have to do.

Question: Do you have any triggers in your life? Things that totally can send you and your goals, spiraling downwards?


5 responses to “Treat or Trigger

  1. Hmm sounds like its the carbs to me. I’ve contacted a friend who had this awesome no crust pizza recipe. I made it once, its fantastic,, just that I lost the damn thing. As soon as I get it I’ll forward it. I usually end up getting pizza, and when I’m strictly watching,, I scrape everything off of the crust. The doggies love me so!

  2. Pizza is a serious trigger for me. I can control it and use it as a treat if I only get EXACTLY what I plan to eat but if someone orders a pie and it’s just laying around…it’s a wrap. I need to work on that…

    French fries too! Pizza & french fries

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