Death to Fat

More like death to Necia. For months now, Ive been following a workout blog called Body Rock. The creators of this blog specialize in designing at home workouts, using minimal equipment. These workouts are dynamic, and are usually done circuit style, in short intervals.

Well, the other day I mustve ate wheaties for breakfast, bcause I decided that day I was going to pop my body rocking cherry. I mean how difficult could it be to complete a 12 minute workout? Hmnnn, let me tell it, its DIFFICULT!

Difficult as in, I didnt complete it! I chose the Death to Fat workout. Its a 12 minute interval style workout, with just 4 exercises. Check it out here

I made a few modifications based on my lack of equipment, and I took into account that I was a beginner. I lasted 6 minutes, and I may be, being generous. Here’s what I managed:

High Knees w/o jump rope

Bent over row w/7 lb bar

Ugi Pop w/o ugi ball(more like a squat jump)

Ugi Squeeze & Thrust w/o ugi ball(basically a pelvic thrust)

Yep, I didnt even complete 2 circuits. And please believe me when I say I was a sweaty mess, I was a sweaty, hot mess! See for yourself.



Do you see Thing 2? She was hopping around with me, and look at her little face. Yup, another hot, sweaty mess. I guess she really does get it from her mama!

So am I dissapointed I didnt complete the workout? Nope, Im viewing this as a challenge. Im mixing this into my training, and next time I WILL complete 2 circuits, and eventually I will complete all 4 in the 12 minutes allotted time too. Then it will really be Death to Fat!

Something to think about:
Do you body rock? Have you ever done any short but dynamic workouts like this before? What has your experiences been like?


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