Slow & Steady

So, I mentioned yesterday that I hit the trails and started running again, after a little over a month off. Ideally, I would’ve like to have started Sept 1st, but with injury comes self doubt and a lot of 2nd guessing oneself.

I was scared of failure. Scared that I wouldnt be able to run again. Scared that I would hurt myself, or worst start all over again. After awhile, the excuses got tired and old. I had to pull up my still very big girl panties and just deal with it.

I got off to a later start then planned, but the important thing is that I left the house. I decided to take it easy, and not make running to complicated. I drove over to Liberty State Park, the 1st place Ive ever run. This park has a nice trail with beautiful views of NYC and the Statue of Liberty. I figured at most, I could just lose myself in my surroundings.

I began with a 5 minute walk in which I covered 1/4 of a mile. I then ran for 1/4 of a mile. I kept it going for a 1.5 miles, turning around at the end of a mile. It was after that 1.5 miles travelled that I begin to get tired. Not really, physically tired, but my breathing was out of wack, and it felt like I was melting. It was hot and humid.

Now Ive previously run in hotter conditions, but thats just it, my body was conditioned. Taking time off, Ive lost some of that conditioning. Im coming to terms with that. I didnt get well over night, and Im not gonna become an ultra runner overnight. Slow and steady, always wins the race. Especially, if 1 is racing against herself.

When it was all said and done, I wogged a total of 2.19 miles, with straight walking after 1.5 miles. I’ll take it! Just the other day I hadnt run at all. Slow and steady! My new mantra.



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