Long Over Do

So, its been a long month and then some, since Ive done any exercise. On July 29th, I caught a chill so bad, I thought for sure I was dieing. Yet, I didnt have enough strength to go to the hospital. Instead, I bundled up like it was 20 below. Comforter, hat, and socks. My body alternated with chills, sweats, and I was dizzy like a mofo.

The next day faired no better, in addition my leg in the groin area was hurting. Damn, body aches, fever and chills? I must’ve caught a summer flu. I decided to self medicate. Rest, thera flu and tylenol was in order.

Well, the next day, I felt no better, and now I had diarrhea. I showered with what very little energy I had and drove myself to the hospital. You better believe I took my comforter out the house with me, in the 90+ weather.

Fortunately for me, the hospital took me in right away. During triage, they started an IV to get some fluids in me. Naturally, I kicked off my shoes to settle on the hospital bed. Wow, my foot was really swollen. And it hurt too. And my leg hurt. The ER doctor came in, took 1 look at me, and diagnosed me wuth cellulitis of the foot? **********Wtf, that was I had no idea. He then promptly informed me I would be in the hospital for a minimum of 4 days, and then kindly asked who my pcp was. I told him.

At this point, Im scared and Im sad. I didnt sign up for this. I just wanted some fluids, and to return home to my family. Speaking of which, I now had to call them, as they had no idea where I was.

Long story short, I was kept in the hospital for 9 days. I was checked thoroughly to see just how much damage this serious bacterial skin infection had did to me. Thankfully, there was no major damage done. It simply had to run ts course, and I had fo be treated via IV with some hefty antibiotics.

Of course, I wasnt out the clear yet. With their thorough checks, they found out I have severe iron deficiency anemia. Gee that would explain why I dont get a runners high. That would also explain the dizziness, and the low blood sugar feeling. I was prescribed damn near a total of 1000 mg of iron, to be taken split up 3xs a day.

Upon my discharge, I was told I can begin walking, and then running slowly if I felt up to it. I was so relieved. Too bad, I didnt feel up to it. I barely wanted to walk, nevermind run. It took me to finish the antibiotics to realize the iron pills were making me feel like utter crap. Very lethargic and no energy whatsoever.

Oh hells no. Something needed to be done, and quick! Since then, Ive stopped taking my iron pills, and Im trying to incorporate more iron into my diet through foods. Its been challenging to say the least, because I dont eat red meat. However I will prevail. Im also going to see a blood specialist for further iron management. Hopefully, a blood transfusion isnt in my future.

With that said, Im happy to report Ive restarted my training. My foot is still a bit swollen, and peeling now. I may resemble a lizard, but I do feel well enough to move now. Im told the swellng is residual, and can take months to go down. I just have to take it slow.

Please follow along with me as I continue my journey, and figure out how to incorporate more iron into my diet. Im determined to not only lose weight, but to be a fit runner, and to be healthy.

**********Ive purposely not included any personal pictures or web images, as I think that should be up to the reader. If you would like more information, please feel free to google cellulitis of the foot.


2 responses to “Long Over Do

  1. That’s horrible and scary, what you went through. How did you even get that? I had no idea you were in the hospital that long :(. I’m glad you’re on the mend and starting to get back into your routine. No photos needed. I do enough googling as it is.

    • We’re thinking the pool or the beach. Bacteria entered through an opening in my skin, which I have many because of mosquitoes. I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy.

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