Bikila Review

So I’ve had my Bikila’s for 4 days now, and I LOVE them! It seems to be highly recommended that 1 should break into barefoot running, as its a different strike/landing motion. Considering that Im just beginning to run, and that this model is known for having more cushion, I figured the adjustment period would be easier. I was right!

Putting them on that 1st time was a workout in itself. Im not even sure I had my toes in properly. I took them off, as I was at work.

Fast forward to later that day, I put them on for a quick walk to the store. Feeling the concrete under my feet felt amazing in a weird way. I was anxious to see how they would perform the next day when walking/running.

The next day did not dissapoint. As a matter of fact, I was sold. Running in these was like the motion of sex. Yeah, I know weird. The shoe gripped my feet, similar to the way in which ahem, a woman would grip a man! It was awesome! With each toe flex, the shoe gripped just perfectly. It was at this moment that I knew this would not be my only pair of Vibram’s. Yes, Im already on the hunt for another pair.

Ive worn them during strength training, and felt my form really benefitted from these shoes. I imagine they will have a great effect on my core too, as I was really able to focus on each lift, as my feet were firmly rooted to the ground.

So there you have it. My only recommendations are, be prepared to adjust your seat if you drive. I hadnt really ever thought about how much height sneakers added to me. I was shocked I had to move my seat forward to drive comfortably.

Also, its been said that these shoes are prone to stinkiness because of your feet sweating. Im attempting to get around this by swiping deodorant across my soles. That seems to help so far! My feet and my Biklia’s smell great after removing them.

Disclaimer: I was neither compensated or asked to do a review of this product. These shoes were purchased with my own hard earned money. All views expressed here are 100% my own.


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